Sonshine Centre Success Stories
Helping women and children overcome the impact of family violence and find hope for a safer and brighter tomorrow. Together, we are making a difference.  


I don’t have enough words to say how very thankful I am to Sonshine
“Thanks to the security, surveillance cameras, and safety plans put in place for us, I feel very safe at Sonshine. I feel supported by my counselor, and no longer feel alone. Being at Sonshine has given me the opportunity to make friends and gain confidence, freedom and strength. I’m learning to enjoy life with my daughter. I’m grateful for the new skills I have been able to learn and the community resources I am becoming aware of through the help of Sonshine. My daughter is now able to make eye contact with others, is very happy and able to have fun.   She is doing so well in school and has been able to be focused on studying and has become more responsible with her studies...I now know I can make it and build a better future for my daughter and me. I don’t have enough words to say how very thankful I am to Sonshine.” –Past Resident 
Sonshine is a door to a new future where you can make intelligent decisions
“I have learned so much [at Sonshine]! - how to be alone with my children, parenting, boundaries, I  am able to think things through before I react, I don’t think things are all geared/pointed at me...Sonshine is a door to a new future where you can make intelligent decision with all the new skills learned. I loved my stay and the services offered at Sonshine, as did my child.” –Past Resident   
Sonshine second stage shelter gave me the chance to take my life back
“Sonshine second stage shelter gave me the chance to take my life back. By the time I came to Sonshine, my children were grown, however, they needed me to show them how to break the cycle of abuse. Coming from a family life full of domestic violence, I noticed the cycle of abuse carrying on generation after generation. Shelters like Sonshine will help not just help the generation in front of them but families in the future.” –Past Resident
Thank you to everyone who works at and supports Sonshine
“I honestly don’t know where to begin when I want to tell you how much Sonshine has helped me. I was welcomed with non judgmental, open arms. I was accommodated with a beautiful apartment and an amazing counsellor. Not only did Sonshine give me a roof over my head, but they gave me a piece of mind that I was going to be safe, and that I would actually sleep at night knowing that there was security in the building. I learned a great deal about abuse while attending life-skills groups and now feel confident building boundaries in my life. I also learned where and how to find resources in the community. The most important thing that Sonshine has helped me with is building a better relationship with my son. The family counsellor was always very helpful in giving me new ideas on how to be a better parent. Thank you to everyone who works at and supports Sonshine.” –Past Resident